Rion Paige X Factor: “Blown Away”

Rion Paige X Factor: “Blown Away”

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Rion Paige X Factor: I am “Blown Away”

Typically, when I land on a news page or news feed ad while signing into one of my email accounts, I quickly escape out and follow through with my intended purpose of efficiently checking my emails. However, this time an article submitted by The Huffington Post caught my attention and I found myself reading a few words about this 13 year old girl named Rion Paige that WOWed the X Factor judges with her performance. Knowing that The X Factor judges can sometimes be hard to please, the headline caught my attention, although I got the feeling that this particular 13 year old girl named Rion Paige may have displayed something extraordinary. I could not have been more touched by Rion’s story that she briefly shared before the audition of her lifetime. Rion Paige, from Jacksonville Florida, was born with a rare disease affecting her arms and joints, and almost permanently blinding her right eye. Ever since she was little, Rion had a passion for singing and would do whatever it took to get in front of a microphone. Whether she put the microphone between her knees or use her feet to help stabilize the microphone in her hands, she would not let her debilitating disease stop her from sharing and pursuing her passion.

Rion Paige Jacksonville, FL

Rion Paige

The fact that Rion even had the courage to audition on The X Factor shows her determination and perseverance. In addition to that, she exuded the most loving, positive energy that a human being can possibly harness. She spoke of having to learn how to adjust to her limiting disease so that she could function and perform normally menial tasks to the average person. Talk about someone that has overcome challenges and still CHOOSES to focus on the positives. A 13 year old girl that has made a decision to accept the uncontrollable unfortunate circumstances of her life and press forward with a positive attitude and outlook to pursue her passion and follow her dreams. How incredibly humbling. I believe Rion Paige can teach us all a lot about ourselves and life. First of all, we should be grateful to be alive, healthy, and with loved ones around us that we can lean on for support. Second, at some point, whether it is as a parent or in a leadership role, we have to have faith enough to step back and give our children or successors an opportunity to spread their wings and fly. There are only two things that can come of this. Either they will soar like an eagle or they will fall within range for us to help them. In this case Rion Paige soared like an eagle as her proud mother watched on nervously as her baby put on a “Literally Extraordinary” performance as Simon, The X Factor judge, put it.

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