250K Income Ring Earner Brett Shoemaker

250K Income Ring Earner Brett Shoemaker

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Brett was born and raised in a relatively small city in South Texas named Victoria. His father was a 2nd Generation Welding Industry Salesman, and mother was a stay at home mom until his parents divorced when Brett was approximately 9 years old.

Brett & Michelle Shoemaker | Mastermind Team

Brett & Michelle Shoemaker | 

He and his younger sister primary lived with his mother who re-entered the workforce in Retail / Customer Service management to support a single parent home. Brett’s mother worked part time jobs as well to provide all of the things that normal children most often take for-granted  Although Brett and his sister appeared normal having equivalent material possessions of their peers, Brett saw the sacrifice, work ethic, and “never die” attitude that enabled he and his sister to have all of these things. This not only gave him an extreme sense of gratitude and appreciation, but an understanding of PAYING THE PRICE!! In addition to his mother’s inspiration, Brett’s father was a very calculated & disciplined man that taught Brett how to be responsible, accountable, and of high integrity with a certain etiquette that would allow him not only to grow into a sharp young man but later a great business man as well. 

Brett later moved with his father at the age of 16 right outside of Houston, TX. He then graduated high school a year early in 2000. Due to limited finances and a multiple family household with step-siblings, Brett’s parents could not afford to send him to a 4 year university which left him with the only option of working a full time job and going to school part time. Having no idea what he wanted to major in, Brett made the decision to do something more rewarding & productive after being courted by a US Navy recruiter closely before graduating High School. After being told that he could serve his country and go to school part time by serving Active Duty, Brett joined the United States Navy. Although Brett proudly enjoyed serving his country, he quickly realized that the lack of flexibility due to constant restraints and responsibilities of an

Active Duty Sailor would not allow him to complete his goal of simultaneously getting an education and serving Active Duty at the same time. After the Navy experience, Brett was ready to get into the real world, settle down, have a family, and pursue a successful career in Business. Shortly after the Navy, Brett soon landed a job as a Customer Service Representative in the Rental Car Industry in Houston, TX. After 8 months, he was promoted to his first management position due to his stellar performance. After spending over 3 years in the rental car industry, Brett met a young, successful insurance agent while doing sales calls one afternoon. This gentleman introduced Brett to the concept of RESIDUAL Income, which sparked his interest and accelerated his pursuit of completing his goal to retire with FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FLEXIBILITY by the age of 40. Pursuing this concept of Residual Income would soon after open the door to Brett being receptive to the industry of Network Marketing, which he previously had been guarded against due to the CONDITIONING of SOCIETY.

Brett entered the industry of Network Marketing in a service based company in December of 2007 where he worked “full time on his job, and Part time on his Fortune” as Jim Rohn would say. He did this for approximately 14 months, quitting 3 jobs in the process of trial & error. During this time, Brett had minimal access to consistent counsel and mentoring from other successful leaders. This forced him to become a master at building relationships and becoming a self-taught student of the industry. He had mediocre success and even less impressive earnings. However, due to a Divine relationship with a gentleman by the name of Abbey Ikeola, Brett took those 14 months of learning and failure and applied it to OrGano Gold, earning 5 figures his first 30 days in March of 2009.

The second month, he duplicated that income and set a company record as the fastest person to lead an organization to Emerald Consultant ($80,000 in sales revenue in a calendar month) totaling close to $150,000 in cumulative sales his first 60 days!! That enabled his wife to send in her letter of resignation 10 weeks into her 12 week maternity leave after having their 2nd son, Tyler. This laid the foundation for Brett and his wife, Michelle, to be RETIRED and earning their first 6 Figure income by the age of 25!!!

They reached the pinnacle of OrGano Gold (Diamond Consultant) in just 18 short months. Now, just 32 months total in the industry, Brett and Michelle were poised to earn $250,000 in earnings in 2011 in which they were awarded their $250k Earner Ring in January 2012 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, NV. In 4 short years, Brett & Michelle went from living paycheck to paycheck to earning over a half-million dollars of earnings in Network Marketing!!! Not only that, but OrGano Gold and the industry of Direct Sales / Network Marketing, has allowed Brett and his wife to raise their two boys on their terms and not be forced to watch them grow up in pictures and hustle back and forth from work, school, & Daycare.

As Brett likes to say, “I was able to reverse the American role of WORKING FULL-TIME and LIVING PART-TIME!!” He and his wife now enjoy being able to take their children to places such as Disney World for a weeks at a time, water-parks ALL DAY in the middle of the week, and attend school functions during normal “corporate America” business hours. Prior to Network Marketing, these opportunities and options did not exist when someone else was controlling their schedules.

Brett stresses that having FREEDOM & OWNING YOUR LIFE is an empowering experience that we were all created to have. In addition to the substantial income & freedom earned in OrGano Gold, Brett & Michelle experienced life transforming personal development, leadership, team camaraderie, and a unified culture that they had never been exposed to prior to OrGano Gold. This was all made possible through the Leadership and Mentorship of Mr. Holton & Earlene Buggs.

Now, Brett & Michelle’s mission is to help families experience the same FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY  OPTIONS, & LASTING CHANGE!! They believe that every person has the ability and power within themselves to design his or her DREAM LIFE!!! All YOU have to do is MAKE A DECISION!!!! Join Brett & Michelle Shoemaker and become HEALTHY & WEALTHY through the Vehicle of OrGano Gold ONE CUP AT A TIME!!

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