Brett & Michelle Shoemaker called to serve in Zurvita

Brett & Michelle Shoemaker called to serve in Zurvita

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First & foremost, Michelle & I would like to take a moment to thank every one of you that have Liked, Followed, Shared, and gleamed any assistance or insight to what we have been able to share with you through the years of our entrepreneurial experience tracking back to December 23, 2007. We understand that it is an honor and a privilege to be able to share our hearts, passions, and vision with you, but even more importantly, a RESPONSIBILITY which we take very seriously. Michelle and I both truly have a passion for impacting lives globally through speaking life into people, WHEREVER they may be in their journey of life. This being said, we are grateful for all of the experiences that we have had over the last 8 years in this INCREDIBLE industry of Network Marketing / Direct Sales.

Most of you know us and understand that despite distractions and diversions, we have only sunk our hearts and souls into 2 companies over the last 8 years. The amount of appreciation and gratitude that we have for those companies and their leadership would literally take months to articulate that could create a very thick novel. We know where we have come from, and even more importantly we know where we are called to go. Through extensive prayer, evaluations, and counsel, Michelle and I have made a decision to invest the next season of our lives into a company that we believe best suits our own personal goals and desires, while simultaneously providing an unparalleled opportunity that we believe does not currently exist to this magnitude in the entire industry of direct sales.

If you are interested in listening in to get some more information on what this new venture is and why we feel called and inspired to move in this direction, we would like to invite you to our worldwide invitational launch calls being held Sunday, August 29, 2015 @ 3:00pmCST & 5:00pmCST. 24/7 Conference Call Replay: 1-512-717-6767

Brett & Michelle Shoemaker join Zurvita

Brett & Michelle join Zurvita

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