12-26-2012 Brett Shoemaker with Edwin Haynes

12-26-2012 Brett Shoemaker with Edwin Haynes

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Edwin Haynes OrganoGold Leader

      1. 12-26-2012 Brett Shoemaker w Edwin Haynes


Even the most successful celebrities and business people need guidance at times and the advisor many are calling is none other than self-made millionaire Edwin Haynes. Sharing words of encouragement on top of common sense “How-To”, Edwin Haynes has assisted in transforming the lives of many with words that speak of relevance in the present time of need with his new book “You Have Permission To Succeed”. The 108 page book many critics are referring to as “the greater achievement bible” covers provocative topics of “Why, Visualizing Success, Prepared Change, Success in Finance, and Self Worth” in order to re-energize all aspects of personal achievement.

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